About Us

Established in 1992, Translation Service is the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau's sole department that offers public translation services. Relying on the CCTB's outstanding strength in translation as well as our sound mechanism and smooth procedure for project management, we have become a service provider for a large number of government organs, institutions, and multinational companies. Over the past two decades, our teams of specialists in different languages have won wide acclaim with their proficient translation, rigorous scholarship, and outstanding efficiency. We have also built close relations with our clients from all walks of life and thus established a stable customer network. Through years of development, we have become a leading force in China's translation industry.


Our Services

Translation: We offer professional translation service covering a large variety of fields, including IT, machinery, pharmacy, chemical engineering, biology, environmental protection, telecommunications, construction, automobile, ship, energy, military, engineering, news, culture, education, sporting, advertisement, contracts, dossiers, patent, intellectual property, banking, finance, securities, insurance, accounting, trust, paper, literature, arts, periodicals, magazines, TV and film.

Interpretation: We offer consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for a large number of occasions, covering business negotiations, visits, research and investigations, training, cultural exchanges, news press, exhibitions, foreign affairs, etc. In addition to professional interpreting service, we also offer advanced interpreting equipment.

Localization and Globalization: In accordance with features of different industries and linguistic habits of target groups, we offer professional product and website localization services for international companies and professional globalization services for China-based enterprises.

Language Training:Staffed by experts in a wide variety of languages, we offer excellent language and translation training to help you meet the rising demands of globalization. All lecturers are senior translators and interpreters, providing you with professional training.


Our Advantages

Tradition: Over development of almost 20 years, we have established sound teams of professional translators and interpreters in a large variety of languages, many of whom have specialized in this industry for almost 30 years. Proficient in languages, profound in knowledge, highly responsible and dedicated, we have successfully completed many state-level translation projects.

Trust: Trust and faith is our business concept, and we hold it as the foundation of our establishment and development. With this concept, we win customer satisfaction, social recognition, and development opportunities. With this concept, we have built a close relationship of partnership with our clients, won a sound reputation, and established a stable customer network.

Quality: Adhering to the principle of quality, we have developed a set of modern management procedures which implements quality assurance in each step of our work, ensuring the high-quality translation service. Quality is indeed an unfailing source of our advantage in the market of fierce competition.

Service: Customer satisfaction is our ultimate pursuit. Based on different requirements of our customers, we offer a complete set of outstanding services, including consultation, analysis, project establishment, revision, editing, typesetting, making, printing, and follow-up surveys. We hold the belief that better and better service is the only way to meet the demands of rapidly developing markets and hold the leading position in the industry.

Win-win: Our development is based on your support and understanding and your interests are our constant and primary concern. Our close and long-term cooperation calls for the win-win solution, so we are sincerely happy to offer you quality service for your individual and corporate demands.


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Address: No.36, Xixiejie Street, Xidan, Xicheng District, Beijing

Zip Code: 100032


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Address: Room 305, Hongru Building (Block B), No.5B, Chegongzhuang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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